Selection of Wing Views

This would be far more realistic to the game a concept in which you can select different wing views, like:

  • Back Window View
  • Centre Wing View in cabin
  • Front Wing View in Cabin
  • Front Cockpit Window view facing down the aircraft

This is a just an idea to make it more realistic. Also this idea has not be actually requested, nearly talked about “in cabin view” or “window wing view itself.” Don’t get these mixed up.


Its easyer if you can not move the window views, hen they dont have to add an interior

If there’s gonna be a cabin view, it needs to be locked into one position. Who wants to look around to see a hollow aircraft? (Unless you’re in the CCX, 717 or Cessna.)


If they can bump all this good stuff in to the global update it would be awesome!

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Bumping this 200 days old thread cause it need votes,I just voted

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So is this requesting view from inside the cabin or different wing views.

I agree we definitely need more wing views the ones we already have are getting boring more wing views would make the game way cooler

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This topic is quite similar to my topic I have made in the past (window view extension)

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Aaaand giving this topic a healthy bump. I honestly prefer the farther back wing view, and I’d literally use it all the time in IF.

this kind of cameras angles, and on both sides Please !



They already have this in the new aircraft like the CRJ family, TBM etc.

BUMP BUMP bumping !

Something that kind would be just perfect for a next update,on both sides

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I also agree it’d be cool if they had wing views for foreword and aft of the wing for both sides. I personally have never flown in any other cabin class other than economy so far in my couple of international flights, so a camera position viewing the wing from the aft on either side would be great. Same goes for the front.

Nice request…will be a great addition

May I direct you to this:

You would be able to access any wing view you want with this feature.

I like the new drone cam

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