Selection menus for global (any predictions?)

I know we are all excited for the release of global, however, this got me wondering a few things:

  1. How will all of the airports be organized in the selection menus? (I can at the very least assume they will alphabetical like they are now.)
  2. How will the selection menus themselves be organized?
  3. Will they implement a search feature in the menus?

As far as overall organization, I think everything will be alphabetical like it is now. I also think that the selection process will be something like this:
Continent > (something between these two) > country > state/province/region > (something between these two) > airport > starting point

Also I think if they were to implement a search feature, we would either be able to search by airport code or by country, maybe a couple other things as well.

I want to know what everyone else thinks and hope you share the same curiosity!


I think you hit it spot on. I thing it would be arranged at least by Countries, States, and then a way to select the airport through a feature that allows you to search. We’ll just have to wait and see. Speculation is the worst thing that we can do to ourselves. We may hope and be optimistic for a feature only to find out that it was never in the works.


Or maybe you can just search the ICAO of the airport you want to spawn at.


I think there may be 3 options for it, One of them is like Don (@FlyFi ) previously stated by searching/type Airport’s ICAO you want to spawn at or maybe by categorizing it to Continents (Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, North America, South America), then click the country on that continent, and then choose the airport. Or, by searching your desired airport in a map.

This is just a speculation


I think we’ll see it as a Globe, and then we choose what region, which will then zoom in to the selected region, and then further into the selected country. Big countries like the US, China, Russia etc. will be split in East/West/Centre. Just my guess :)


I didn’t think about that but that is actually a very good idea I’m glad you mentioned that

I think it would make it much easier, than having a list, also makes it looks simpler and more visual. Most of the members in this community is born in the Visual Generation. :)


But many people won’t remember the ICAO for all the airports

Google’s your best friend!


He’s my uncle…


Maybe a world map where you click on the airport

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Guess you can dearch first for countries and then for ICAOs


I hope they make it like FSX, you can search in 3 ways:
Airport name
Airport ICAO
City name
This would be awsome becous then it is easy to search one up.
And after you choose a airport you can choose a gate


This is a great topic, I think that there will be a search function implemented and the listed categorised for easier navigation. But all this is speculation!


I think you should just be able to search for the Airport by its name or code.🙂👍

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I agree! It would have to be organised by countries at the very least!

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I am thinking about a interactive map


Maybe there will be multiple pages. The first page to choose the continent, then the country or region, then their choice of airport.

That’s a nice idea!😀👍

Do you think you would be able to choose Antarctica as a continent😜