Selecting APPR in the cockpit?

You know how you can select certain runways and airports in the cockpit? Then after that you can select APPR, and I think it sets up so it will go to that runway? I had it selected but once I pressed APPR, it just kept going down the complete wrong runway, so what’s the point of it being in the cockpit as well? Did I select it too early?

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Select a GPS/ ILS runway to land and once in glide slope you can then choose APPR. Don’t worry not the only one 😂

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You probably choose APPR for the wrong runway…

APPR uses ILS/GPS so you select the runway for that then it will follow the runway

I had it for 7R but when I selected APPR it went with 6

Yeah you must select the ILS/GPS

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Well damn. So it’ll have ILS or GPS right next to it?

You need to select it via the HUD (a star symbol will be displayed at the end of the information).

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That’s what I was trying to say. My bad for the crappy explaining lol but I had selected it from that probably 8 minutes prior to selecting APPR

You select one of these for correct runway and then hit APPR (for this example you would chose ILS 27R EGLL)

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So you selected the approach (ILS/GPS) via the HUD and then activated APPR later, right?

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You’ll have to be aligned with the right ILS/GPS. You can see if you are align with the HUD, just near the altitude indicator I think. You will see for example « EGLL 27L ILS », something like that :)

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Yes I did, but I don’t remember if I selected GPS or ILS. Honestly what’s the difference

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ILS considers terrain GPS doesnt…

And runway has either ILS or GPS not both you just have to select the right runway

I believe the issue could have been that the approach has been de-selected (e.g. your approach path brought you to a place too far from the airport), in the time between yourself choosing the approach in the HUD and activating the APPR.

The second explanation I have in mind would be that the APPR just turned to violently and would have corrected for your selected approach, but you deactivated it (?) as you thought it was going for the wrong runway.

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OK, I think the question has been answered. Please look above at others posts. @EAG-711 choose the best answer for yourself and enjoy flying!


Ya I selected the runway prior to selecting appr. I was getting directed from ATC. When I selected appr it took me down the wrong runway. I went back to cockpit and saw it was still selected for the other runway. That’s what I’m trying to say.

Are you sure you selected the right runway?

Well it was going down runway 6, perfectly aligned with the markers for it. But I had selected 7 previously. Idk what happened but I know what to do differently next time. Thank you for your time and answers!