Selectable and Highlighted Waypoints on Map and in Flight Plan

Currently, when doing a flight using a flight plan created with SimBrief and, with a route that has a lot of missing waypoints, there are many coordinates and no waypoint names and labels on the map.

Because of that it’s almost impossible to follow the flight plan in terms of altitudes or to enter corresponding altitudes to waypoints in the VNAV feature of In-Flight Assistant.

What would be a tremendous help, is when a waypoint could be highlighted on the map when tapped in the flight plan and vise versa.

Sometimes there are waypoints in SimBrief that aren’t supposed to be there, because they are not at the right location.
When those waypoints are missing and are only displayed in coordinates, it’s impossible to locate them and delete them from the flight plan.

So in this situation it would be a great help as well when the waypoint would be highlighted in the flight plan, when tapped on the map. That way it could be located and removed to fix the flight plan.

I hope this makes sense and will be considered.
It would make this incredible sim even better.

Nice detailed request! The effort you have put into this feature request shows!

Be sure to vote on your own feature request as well!


Superb idea.
You got my vote!

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Love the Idea man! Hopefully this request gets the attention of everyone :)


Nice request.

The waypoints you are claiming to be at the wrong location are most of the time duplicate Fix names, IF takes the first one in the list, if this is not the desired you got the situation described.

by example:

What you can do yet is while on the ground selecting a certain waypoint (coordinates) and make them the actual Leg , then the leg to the waypoint gets highlighted and you can identify it to remove it.
After that you can search for the Waypoint, as shown above you will get a list in that case where you can select the correct one and add it to your flight plan. Done so it will be at the end of the FP so that you have to move it to the correct position by selecting it, and moving it with the arrows until its in the correct order.
Before you start you just make the first waypoint the actual leg again.

Hope that helps,

airport and navigation editor.

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One question… how do you enable IF Assistant for Waypoints? Can anybody explain? 😬

It’s called Alerts/NAV and is currently only available in the iOS version of IF-A.

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D’oh :( I habe android… well whatever

Hopefully it will be available for Android soon! 🤞

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Thanks! When was it released for IOS?

Back in April.

Oof, that is a long time ago…🤔

agree with that very much

It would be very nice if we could just tap on a waypoint on the map (not map+fpl view - just the map view); and be able to remove it from our flight plan; just like we can add or choose to fly direct to a waypoint directly from the map.