Select your starting point on solo

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Pretty much, what this is where you get to select your starting point on solo mode. An example:
Before starting, they show you a map and you get to put your aircraft on the map wherever you want, at whatever speed and altitude you want.
This helps in many ways.

  1. To do a descent, you don’t need to first ascend to a certain position
  2. You can work on slow flight, cruising stalls, and emergency scenarios without having to fly to set them up.
  3. It allows you to set up approaches to unique airports. 13/31 KLGA, KJFK, airports with sharp turns before landing. You start there and don’t have to take the somewhat unrealistic final/short final.

You may be asking, what if you don’t want to select your position, just keep it normal?
Simple! Just select the button on the menu that returns you to normal.


This is a very unique and frankly awesome idea. Seems quite simple to implement.

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This would help but as of now I don’t see a big need for it. There are bigger things the devs need to focus on! ;)

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Aerofly has this capability. not that I’m endorsing it :)


I’ve been wishing for something like this for a long time! This would make simulating flights from region to region so much easier!

Speaking of “AreoFly

More like AeroFail


I want to bump this… WE NEED THIS

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We really need this in global

Vote for it then ;)

More votes means more chance of getting added

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We could simulate landings on solo!

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Very good idea! They had this feature in XPlane 9 and it was great. It would definitely add a lot to Infinite Flight.

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You already can select to start in flight for landing, from the location screen.

Blue skies

No like we could simulate approaches

That’s incredibly unrealistic cos it just plonks you some distance from the runway. IRL, approaches vary and for example at JFK (because of all the buildings), you can’t have a direct approach.