Select ATC Frequency under Airport Info

As everyone knows the current IF design offers a list of ATC frequencies in order based upon proximity. It’s been stated by many before that in the regions with many fields this list can be pretty long, and depending on your device even cumbersome to scroll through. My idea stemmed from the thought that we’re only looking for one, and we can only select one at a time. For everyone’s consideration I would like to propose the idea that ATC frequencies be offered within the menu of airport information, in close relation to the existing Info/Weather/Runways option. This way rather than searching through a list which displays every nearby airfield, you can go straight to the one you want. Now, my very good friend @DeerCrusher made a solid point that people would just jump straight to their destination frequency and clog things up. A very valid point. So I also propose that the ATC “button” in which this request is focused be grayed out until the pilot is within the 25nm range to realistically communicate on. For all of you realism junkies I’m not implying that you have to be within 25nm to communicate IRL, just basing that off of the current IF design. As always your constructive criticism is requested. I searched beforehand, but if I missed it and this happens to be a duplicate you know what to do!

This is the menu that I’m referring to, just to avoid any confusion.

Nice idea, I guess I’d use this sometimes ;)


MaxSez: Innovative and a great idea. You got my vote. (That field data block could use some work; A field diagram, Elevation, location of the nearest bar etc)


I believe this would be a fantastic idea!
Nicely said as well. :)

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This capability has been existing in the sim since a previous update