Select Approach Does Not Give Me Exact Runway

Hello All! Just a quick question…When I select PROC to Select Approach when building a flight plan, I am often not given an approach that includes the runway I am attempting to land at. The approach that I select simply places me at a waypoint that is close to the runway, and I have to drop off AP and and hand fly to that specific runway. Is there a reason for this? Flying from LPFG to EFHK (04L and 04R). Thanks.

Which procedure did you select to fly into EFHK?

I flew there earlier today, and the approach I selected lined me up perfectly with the ILS for 04R

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That is how non-precision approaches work. They take you to the final approach fix which is some distance before the runway. If you do not have visual of the runway or the lights, you have to go around. The only approach that takes you to the threshold with guidance is the ILS, and only under CAT III criteria really.


Interesting…IO4R, LO4R, and RO4R all gave me approaches that were either on the side of the runway, or not directly to the runway…Were you able to engage APPR and fly directly in via ILS without dropping off AP?

Yes, I was able to

Just did a quick check in-game

I04R, which is what I used, extends outside of the approach cone in a straight line to GONAP

I was using the LUSE3R arrival, which ends at MALKE

MALKE-GONAP is effectively left base for 04R, and once I turned at GONAP and aligned with the runway I was able to activate APPR and acquire the ILS

Awesome! Thank you.

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