Select Aircraft in ATC Interface

It’s fairly well known many IFATCs are keen on the concept of a desktop ATC interface. I think it would be fairly straightforward to make one, but there is one key element that’s missing. Here’s how it could work;

live.gettraffic for a map
commands.atcentry to send commands
Map the names of commands in different circumstances to their respective numbers
Need a way to select an aircraft.

To elaborate a bit more, if I’ve got 2 aircraft in the pattern, N119AC and N189VA and I need to clear the former for the option but the latter is on upwind, there’s no way to tell Infinite Flight that I want to send that command to N119AC and not N189VA.


Also just realised you can’t get the ATC log. Thought you could for some reason. So that would be necessary too.

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