Hello there, my name is sefian habil, i want to learn about something in ATC, and also i want to join the IFATC, It help me a lot, So guys send me the feedback after it

  • Status : CLOSED
  • Frequencies : Ground & Tower
  • Server : Training
  • Airport : @N/A
  • Runways In Use :Any

@Syncline @AIFC @Elite_Gaming

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What’s up?

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Oh I’m coming

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Would you like me in an airplane or at an ATC station?

I’ll stop by


Airplane sir, and dont forget the feedback

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Okay, I’m on my way!

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Thanks for coming in @AIFC @Syncline


You did awesome!

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Thanks mate

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Hi there, sorry for the late feedback. Here you go:

Feedback from PK-IDR:

18:26:35 N306BZ is a General Aviation aircraft, every GA aircraft that cannot do pushback you must give the command “Taxi to runway XX”

18:28:19 Clearance for me to do the pattern, you have done well.

18:30:38 - 18:32:56 You shouldn’t need to give me a pattern entry. because I am remaining in the pattern and you have given me clearance for the right traffic (indirectly I already understand which direction I should go). All you have to do is give me the clearance “Number 1, Runway 25R, clear for the option”

18:33:23 The command you gave isn’t quite right “… after the option, make right traffic” in this section shouldn’t be necessary. because I was a pilot already know where to go

18:35:39 & 18:35:52 You should not provide a pattern entry to N306BZ, but provide clearance “Number 1, Rwy XX, Cleared for the option

18:37:03 At times like this you have to give me Sequence no.2 following the N306BZ. then give me clearance No.2

18:48:04 When I request a runway change (in this case runway 25L) you have to give me a pattern entry to the 25L runway (enter Left / Right Downwind Rwy XX). After that, sequence if there is traffic that I have to follow, then give me a clearance with the addition of “…, after the option make Left / Right traffic”. The same thing you have to do if there is an inbound aircraft, especially Touch and go. You should do the same for the request at 18:56:28.

18:59:42 when I report the position for a full stop. You no longer need to give me clearance for landing. because if you provide cleared for the option, it allows the pilot to Touch & Goes, Stops & Go full stop, and low approach

19:02:29 Command exit runways are quite good, but it would be better to be more precise in the range of 70-60kts for jet-engined aircraft and 50-40 for propeller-engined aircraft.

I suggest you to read this and watch this

Maybe that’s what I can say, the rest you are doing well! Keep practicing and enjoy the process! remember quality must come first. Have a good night! Feel free to tag me if you open the session again.

For IFATC friends who read my feedback, please provide some corrections if I make a mistake in making feedback. Thanks!


Thanks a lot for the feedback. I’ll make my practice better again, and im so sorry for any mistakes…👍👍👍

Hello Guys Im open in

Airport : KSFO
Rwy in use : 10 R&L

@Syncline @AIFC @Elite_Gaming @MisterRaf

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Sorry I can’t join but I’ll come tomorrow

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Alright I’ll be there in 5 minutes

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anytime sir

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im waiting here mate

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It has been CLOSED

Thank you so much @Syncline and @AIFC


Hello again, im OPEN at
Airport : NZAA
Rwy in Use: Any

@AIFC @Syncline @Elite_Gaming @MisterRaf