Seems a little lower than usual?

Yea definetly a little lower then the other video’s I’ve seen what a silly spot for a public beach to be.

Brandon: Silly but convenient
Graham: Moved to RWA. Spotting category is for your own photos


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Looks like a fake to me.
Where exactly does it overfly the people?

Answer to this story just watch our own TNCM landings, some of them would walk into runway and some of them do kangaroo landings. First comments in the article sums up everything “Every month the same story”

Could just be the angle of the video perhaps.


Does anyone recognize the airline?

Brazilian manufacturer, used for test/demonstration flights apparently:

Another video:

Seems a little fast.

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Watch our own TCNM landings are right, except I didn’t watch mine, but I did a landing into St Maarten, and when passing over the shore I could see I was 40 ft above the shoreline.

At this speed there is no real gently tpuching so you would either break every bone in your hand an arm or if you have a bit luck it’ll just hit you really hard

Whatever happens, don’t hang on ;).

But in all seriousness, it would likely knock you to the ground in the direction the plane was traveling. Don’t expect to get out with no injuries though. I can imagine a disloacted shoulder, a lot of casts, etc.

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