Seemingly randomly getting 2 speed violations per flight

Hello there!

So I just had completed my 3rd flight of the day, my second on this device (2021 iPad Pro, iPadOS 16 Beta), and on both flights I have done on my iPad I have been issued exactly 2 violations for speed.

I never saw the little pop up for it, and last time i got too many violations it automatically disconnected me from the server.

The weirdest part, and the part that makes me think this was a mistake/glitch, is that they’re listed as 7 hours ago when i received them (see the top 4) (the 8hr ones were the previous flight)

They’re also listed in the flight rating screen, yet again I never saw the pop ups in flight

The only proof i could’ve gotten was the replay files, both of which do register them.

All of them happened sometime during cruise, and roughly around the same time during cruise.

I am hesitant to fly again, since I’ve been booted down to grade 2 and I don’t know how the vios got there (shouldn’t I have seen the the little pop ups saying that, or ever kicked from the server?).

I also just want to know why they’re listed as 7hrs ago, when I had gotten them only upwards of an hour ago before ending the flight.

Sorry if this is long, I sometimes have trouble explaining things and i just throw as many words as possible at it.

  1. You need 6 overspeed violations in the same flight to be disconnected from the server.

  2. What aircraft were you in and what speed did you cruise at?

  3. Did you leave your flight at any time?

  4. Can you send a screenshot of the full violation table (I can’t see the top of it) just to make sure we aren’t missing any to account.

It’s 3 :)

@AIDAN101 - replay would be helpful :)
The timestamps can sometimes be confusing, but remember they’re listed at ZULU times.

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Aircrafts were Q400 and then A223

I do leave my flights away at cruise, because not a whole lot usually happens (or so it was)

Top 4 are the ones that made me make this topic
the 3 below that is when I enabled VNAV and wasn’t aware descent began (unrelated to this topic, can ignore, just kinda drawing a border of sorts around the ones I’m pointing out if that makes sense)

I can get a replay or two here in a minute

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Alrighty, here’s one

I don’t see any issues on this one.
“Licking the barber pole” like you are doing here is risky and the reason for the violations.

The limit for the Dash-8 is Mach 0.60. Cross that limit even by a little, and over speed will happen unfortunately.


I thought it was .62 for the Q400

Always had flown at that speed on the Q400, I wonder if the wind pushed me over this one time

I assume the other is similar, based on my luck

Well what happened had happened, I think this can be closed

I would recommend going a few decimals below the limit, you’ll be much safer then.