Seeking Assistance in 20+ Routes

Dear Infinite Flight Community,

I trust this message finds you well. Today, I reach out to seek your valuable assistance in accomplishing one of my goals for this year within the Infinite Flight platform. My objective is to attain Grade 5 at the earliest opportunity on my new account, having commenced this journey on November 26 and currently holding Grade 3 status.

Upon careful calculation, I have determined that achieving the required 439 hours of flight time necessitates a daily commitment of 20 hours. By adhering to this schedule, it is estimated to take approximately 22 days to fulfill this requirement.

I humbly seek your support in this endeavor by sharing routes that surpass the 20-hour flight time threshold. While the suggested routes need not precisely meet the 20-hour mark, those exceeding this duration would be most beneficial to my pursuit. Routes with a flight time less than 20 hours may not align with my current objectives.

Your assistance in providing information on such routes will significantly contribute to expediting my progress toward Grade 5. I sincerely appreciate your time and collaboration.

Thank you in advance for your kind help.

Warm regards, Miguel.

Hey Miguel! Great to hear your devotion towards grade 5 status! Below I linked a topic where you can ask for specific routes. Hope this helps and good luck!