Seeking a Spotter


I’m looking for a spotter that could take some pictures, or maybe a video of my dad landing and taking off. He is flying MD88/90’s currently at Delta (considering a move to the Airbus or C-Series), and has been asking me if I knew anyone that was a planespotter. He leaves on his trip in the morning, and his schedule is as follows…

Below is the day of the month, flight number, route, ETD/ETA, and estimated flight time.

04 #1817 ATL-DEN 14:34-15:54 (03:20)
04 #1609 DEN-MSP 16:35-19:34 (01:59)
04 #2631 MSP-MKE 22:05-23:15 (01:10)

05 #1713 MKE-MSP 17:05-18:29 (01:24)
05 #1852 MSP-RDU 20:20-23:47 (02:27)

06 #1564 RDU-ATL 14:50-16:18 (01:28)
06 #2174 ATL-PIT 17:40-19:15 (01:35)
06 #2174 PIT-ATL 19:59-21:40 (01:41)

Blue Skies,


I know that we have people in Denver (DEN), Chicago (MKE), Minneapolis (MSP), and Pittsburgh (PIT)…

Your best bet is Denver (@SkyHighGuys, @DeerCrusher, @GolferRyan, etc, etc) or Pittsburgh (@KPIT)

Best of Luck!

PS: Tell your dad to fly to BOS or IAH or even ISP next time (many more spotters)


Pay for my gassed explain to my teachers why I missed school and you got a deal.


Ummmm… I would love too, unfortunately we will not be in Pittsburgh this Friday, but here is an approximation of what it would look like…
Hope that is worth somthing…🤔. Sorry about the bad timing…😕
Is he the pilot?


Does he fly to Pittsburgh often? I could get you a date on that photo if it is worth checking…

Here is all the flight info I will be able to conjure, this is the exact flight that is pictured above, hope this is worth somthing…

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Did you forget that Delta doesn’t fly to ISP😳




He works BOS and IAH pretty frequently actually, although he doesn’t have that rotation this month.

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Thats wild, he deadheaded into PIT on the 30th to work the morning PIT-ATL… the flight in was:

30 #1560 ATL-PIT 13:53-15:35 (01:42) DH

left in the morning on

31 #1209 PIT-ATL 07:10-08:59 (01:49)

and yes he’s a FO on the 88/90, and he was a RJ200 Check-Airman at Pinnacle/Endeavor for 16 years.


I think Delta flies the md88 or something like that to Toronto. I don’t know maybe?

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That pic was of the eavning flight, but I do remember that morning specifically the Delta MD80 type aircraft, becuais they are so loud I always think wooooa somthing massive, and then am borderline dissipointed by the MD80, but that morning it was unusualy low it seemed, and I was outside, looked as though your dad had a very nice downwind leg, unfortunately I was not spotting at the airport, if you know a schedule let me know, I will keep my eyes peeled eaven if I can’t make it to the airport, the ATL flight goes right over my house right before it turns base over the city…

The next time he works PIT is April 30th and May 1st.

30 #2382 ATL-PIT 20:32-22:15 (01:43)

01 #1560 PIT-ATL 16:39-18:23 (01:44)

If he ever comes down to DAB I can take a couple of shots of both the arrival and the departure. Let me know.

I’ll be on the look out!

He doesn’t have a DAB rotation this month, but that’s one he likes. He has several overnights there usually. Next week he has a VPS overnight, but I know Daytona and Valpraiso are a good ways apart!

Yeah that’s 3-4 hours away from Daytona

IDK howf ar it the scedual is know, but does he fly to PIT on a weeked soon? I asked and thise times wolnt work since my dad will still be at work…

I just saw this! Shoot. I live in Milwaukee so I would have loved to of done this. PM me if he ever comes back

If he’s ever doing a KCVG or KDAY (only two airport I know of that serve the Delta MD88 and MD90 near me). Let me know. I normally try and spot once a month during the weekends.