Seeking a service-minded support representative

Hey everybody!

I am seeking a service-minded support representative. Due to this project being secret I will not mention what you are going to support people with, how you are going to do it or when you are going to do it. You will get this information once you are part of the eventual project.

Please submit your answer/application below, good luck.

Regulars, please do not move this topic to any other category, it is related to infinite flight and therefore belongs in General.

Thank you.

Completed it ;)

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Will the support representative get salary from it ?

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No. He/she will not get paid.


Filled it in just now

Thank you very much.

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I’m confused but I filled the form out anyway 😉

It will make more sense once and if you’re inside the project.

Thanks to everyone who applied so far. The form will close soon and reviewing will begin. Again, thank you.

What if after knowing the conditions, you decide against doing this, can you back out?

Yes, you can back out at any time. No problem for me.

As the application form is closed, please PM me for some questions to you if you would like to apply.

If its already close then thats fine, wont be bothering much ^^

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