Seeking a realistic screen

Hey my Infinite family!
There is a point I have been feeling as I play IF more and more frequently as a Grade 4.

You all know that you can see the gravity acceleration in numerical terms from the information at the bottom of the screen.
But it is not reflected on the screen.
I bet I can fly aircraft more in my style if the vibrations and shaking are reflected realistically on the screen.

Using external tools we can add effects like vibrations, but this is not realistic and we can’t move the viewpoint.

What do you think? Do you think this is one of the features you would like to see added?


We do have some vibration feedback, such as when you deploy flaps and gears. Adding something like stick shakers would be interesting.
But do notice that many devices such as iPad don’t support vibrations.

Edit: if you’re talking about the visual effect, the third party tool IF Assistant does support vibration in view during runway rollout. Shaking the viewpoint during turbulence would be nice to have.

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Oh, I am using an iPad.
I use the IF assistant, but the problem is that I can’t zoom in on the viewpoint while the screen is vibrating.

In IF and IF Assistant, is it technically easy or not to add vibration of the display during turbulence?

That would be a question for the devs.

you should put this in Features

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I didn’t know how to take hashtags.