Seeing two Atlas 767's side by side at PSM

It’s been nearly two months and I really enjoy my job.
So far, I can now drive the little Aviation Gas (AvGas) Low Lead (LL) trucks and fuel any General Aviation airplanes and can man the ramp when LL requests come in. It’s a fun little truck to drive.

I’ll soon have to start driving the Jet A trucks. They’re a bit bigger than what I’m used to, but I have to start driving them sooner or later. I can fuel Jet A, but I can’t drive the trucks just yet.

Yesterday, September 27, we saw Atlas Air send us two Boeing 767-300’s from two mystery locations in the US and were headed somewhere to Europe.

I was very fortunate to be tasked on working the Lavatory truck. Now I don’t mind doing Lavatory service, but this one was kinda not good in a sense of let’s say the plane had a broken part in the Service Panel PM me if you’re curious, I’ll tell you all about it :).

Anyhow, it was super cool to see the 767’s side by side. Here are some pictures from work.

Double 767 nose.

This Atlas 767-300 had Winglets, and this was the 767 I did the Lavatory service on.

This Atlas 767 had stairs attached, as the only jetway was in use

Double Atlas tails


I ask that no one use these photos without my permission. Thank you and I hope you like the pictures :)


I thought atlas air was only cargo

I’d be astatic too if I were assigned that job.


I love this livery. The colors are so crisp especially on the tail sections!


Hope to see Atlas come to the 767 in Infinite Flight soon.

It was great, I always love seeing these widebody Jets come into Portsmouth, NH

Good stuff man. I was playing Pease yesterday when this guy roared by

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Yes we worked on a C-17 that went on a mission and landed later in the day.

I was the only one manning the Ramp for any Low Lead requests and to marshal smaller planes in.

Otherwise everyone was busy working the C-5, C-130, and C-17 Military Aircraft.

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They do charter flights was well

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I work at PlaneSense at PSM. It was super busy yesturday here with all those c17’s, that C-5, and that c130 over by PCA. Cool to see all that.

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Oh yeah it was. We had to park the C-130 over by the PDA Hardstand. I was fueling a C172 when my coworker who was helping me had to park and fuel it. I am fully able to fuel AvGas airplanes on my own, he only helped by giving me the fuel nozzle as I was on a ladder

767s are one of the nicest planes and definitely my fav boeing, i wish atlas would send some to syd but we get 747-400/8F so im not complaining

Nice just wait till it’s the 747s

PSM has had a lot of military action lately with some F18s flying out and let alone the C5s

I don’t think we can park two 747’s side by side, but that would be awesome.

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That 767 N641GT was headed to Frankfurt

Yep I think it’s air force though

But that’s normal

Can we get the A225 in at pease I know we get the a124 monthly but the a225 I have never seen but hope to see someday but in the mean time the C5s and the C17 747 767 a320 a124 and many more aircraft are good for now

PSM is capable of handling the Antonov 225. Maybe someday we’ll see the Myria. For now, Antonov only sends the AN-124. If they need that much cargo, I’m sure they’ll send us the 225. The Runway is long enough. Heck even Boston can Land an AN225, but there would be no space to park it.

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It’s the longest runway in New England right