Seeing The World In A Different Light

In addition to my DSLR and a few film cameras, I have a small camera called the HTI HT301. It’s a small dongle which plugs into a phone to work, it costs 725 USD and has a resolution of just 388x284 (that’s only 0.11 megapixels).

The HT301 is a thermal camera. Your eyes are sensitive to wavelengths ranging from around 0.4 to 0.7 microns, thermal cameras see longer wavelengths between 8 and 15 microns. This enables them to see the thermal radiation emitted by objects at around room temperature or above.

My iPad running Infinite Flight on max settings.

Why am I posting this? Well, I was at an airshow on Saturday, there were plenty of people with normal cameras, so I decided to record the RAF Typhoon display with the thermal camera. Afterburner exhaust is hot enough to glow visibly, so it should look pretty amazing in thermal. It does.

I now have an expensive urge to further upgrade my thermal imaging equipment.


By far the most unique Spotting topic I’ve seen. Incredible stuff there!


most relatable thing I’ve seem all day


Especially when my iPad is running infinite flight. Honestly I’m joking my iPad. It runs really efficiently. It never gets that hot.


Is this a fusion reactor

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This is insanely cool.

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Gotta be between this and “spotting 100 feet below sea level” or whatever it was called


Oh yeah, that one was also very unique. I totally didn’t forget about it because I spend way too much time seeing way too much stuff here.

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And charging, no less!

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Very interesting

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