Seeing the Augusta westland 101 merlin

Today at school a aw101 merlin landed on our sports fields and I know it’s a helicopter but It was a brilliant experience and I would like to say thank you to the royal navy and ccf RN section at my school (navy cadets) as its not everyday you get to see the inside of a merlin and watch it take off after at school!

Uploading… (sorry if some photos were posted more than once if so ill edit it and delete them)
Also I believe it was 820 squadron if anyone is interested but please correct me if I was wrong and thank you to the mod that gave me TL2 after I posted this on general as I couldn’t post in real world aviation at the time


Very nice shots there good sir. Welcome to TL2! 😉


Thank you very much!

I did my first work experience placement as an engineer on the Merlin helicopter when they were brand new 15 years ago. Was absolutely incredible to get hands on with them and see how they’re built and just how advanced they are. Good times indeed!


Thanks for sharing love this!

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Did it land there or is on display there all the time. If it flew did you see it land.

He said it landed on the sports fields.


The mods give exceptions to those who have a worth posting in RWA :). Very nice spot. Not everyday you will see this


Are you in some sort of special school? Becuais I have had some interesting things happen at my school, none this cool though…

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We saw it circling before it landed then I got a vid when it took off but can’t post it here until u have a url for it so I will post the vid when I have one

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No its a normal school just because we have a very large cadet attachment and lots of co curricular things

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Not wrong there:) yeah very thankful to the mods

Awesome that mustve been great fun!

The Aircraft is from 814 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) as denoted by the nose art.

814 NAS are known as the ‘Flying Tigers’ as their squadron symbol contains a ‘Tiger’ which is actually a Snow Leopard but, hey, who’s looking! (820 NAS has a flying fish as it’s squadron symbol!)

I was lucky enough to do some of the Merlins MAR flying many, many years ago on the PP aircraft! (Military Aircraft Release to service)

Nice pictures, hope you enjoyed the day.

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Cool thanks for the info yeah it was a great day

I only remember the time when I desperately tried to controll this chopper only with a keyboard in FSX. Doesn’t work very well.

Looks amazing in reallife. I’m amazed of how big it is.

Yeah it’s massive beautiful chopper though I’ve never had fsx so I can’t really relate to your struggle but others have talked about it as well

Wow so cool! Seemed like you had fun! ;)

Yeah very very cool lots of wind when it took off :)

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