Seeing planes on live

I have already talked about this with people on topics but I never really got a good answer. So I decided to make this thread (finally)

I have an iPad 9.7 with full graphics on. My problem is that I can’t see other planes from a certain distance. If the airport is busy I have to get at about 10meters to actually see the plane and I can only see one at a time.

I have tried reducing the settings to minimum (keeping aircraft count on very high) but it never changed anything.

It’s getting a bit annoying especially when I want to take screenshots from events or make a video. I can only see one plane at a time in worse cases when it’s really busy.

I don’t know if it’s just that my device can’t handle it or if it’s me going wrong in settings. If anyone has a solution please tell me. And no this is not for support as it’s just a question to maximise the amount airplanes I see since I consider that a few planes at a time isn’t really good.


How about the settings for nametags and boxes in the ”Live” section? Do you have those checked for hidden or unchecked?

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I didn’t try no. Should I try? Turning it off would help would it?

Turning it on, would show the tags of everyone. You might not see the plane, but you’ll see their tag. If your trying to videos and see the planes, then I would turn the tags off.

Tag: image

No Tag: image

Credit to: @Justin_Polanco


Yeah. Hide the tags and boxes. It will increase the count.

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Select and deselect the below. This will help.

Furthermore, decrease your graphics quality from high -> to medium. That should help. Essentially you want to turn off all things that would display wording or figures such as landing aids.


Just tried. It’s amazing the difference! Thanks a lot! Now it’s not really as busy as FNF right now, but it’s definitely much much better. I could see them from really far. Don’t know how it is when it’s busier but it looks promising.
Thanks a lot!


Can be closed now. Thanks a lot to everyone! (If I see it’s still bad when it’s busy I might pm you @schyllberg but it seems good)

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