Seeing other aircraft in flight

How close do you have to be to see the other plane? Too close? 😳


The distance is 100NM, my live aircraft count is set to high.

I’ve noticed aircraft on my map as far away as 200nm. Most likely depends on graphic settings as well as the performance of the device you’re using. I’m using an iPad Pro 10.5" all settings maxed out. As a side note, I have aircraft drawing in at about 10nm or thereabout.


For me I have all settings to high, but unless I’m a few meters away I can only see a box and name

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That has been my experience. Thanks!

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if the planes you see are downloaded, you can easily see planes which are on the ground while youre at 36000ft.

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Ah-HA. Download is the key issue. Thanks!

Not for me… I have every plane downloaded already, so I can’t really understand what’s wrong.

What device are you using? Processing power may not be enough to power the extra load demand.

iPad 9.7 I got it two months ago

How much mem does take to DL the entire fleet? And does each livery need to be downloaded?

No you only download once for the plane and all it’s liveries
Takes a few Minutes depending on the connection

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When you download 1 aircraft, it downloads all the liveries for that 1 aircraft.

@Captain_Zen That’s not right. You need to look over your settings again.

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Checked them all. They’re at very high
Should we take this into pm since I’m not the one that made the topic?

Are you talking about on the map, or when your flying?

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When flying. Both aircraft airborne.

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You can see downloaded aircraft visually rendered when they’re 8NM away when you’re on an iPad Pro for example. Some devices like the iPhone can see rendered planes 3NM away. It’s similar to what @dush19 has said

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Nate, is there a way to download all aircraft or just go down the list one by one? Also, any idea how much mem that uses? Thanks.

I don’t really know what percentage of the memory is aircraft, but the whole list doesn’t download simultaneously when on Pro subscriptions for example. One downloads and the next selected aircraft after that downloads and so on.

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Usually, I see other aircraft if they are 1000 feet below me and directly below me.

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