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Is there a way that you can tell IF that you want to see more airplanes at the airports? I was at London Heathrow in the Casual server and there was probably 30 to 50 planes there but I could only see like 5 that were close to me and when I was waiting at the runway I could only see the planes landing for about four seconds before they disappeared again. Is there a setting I can change to fix that? I’m running it on a Galaxy S10 so power and performance shouldn’t be an issue

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Have you turned up your airplane count in settings?

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Yes. You head over to the main menu to view the settings and tap on the “live” section.

You can then change the amount of aircrafts you want to view around you. Settings are NONE, Low, Medium, High and Very High.

Please have this in mind that the amount of aircrafts around you will be visible in time depending on your internet speeds.

I hope this helps.


There is a built in limit on the number of planes visible. Your device would simply crash if you tried to render all 50 planes at an airport. The system is designed to display the planes closest to the camera.

Make sure you have airplane boxes visible and reference the radar when on the ground.

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