Seeing lots of Heavy’s and Super’s spawning in small uncontrolled airports

Since the latest update, I’ve noticed more and more users spawning with B748 and A388 at airports with less than 4000ft of runways on the Expert Server. Is there any plan to fix the issues of spawn sites and aircraft size in the near future?


This is a known issue and the IFAET is working hard to get rid of it.


I’m sure the editing team is working hard to fix this issue. Personally, I haven’t seen any of these heavy’s spawned at small airports, but I’m sure happens frequently.

To which airport are you referring to?

last night saw a B748 spawn at SCFT a >3200ft runway and tonight there was an A388 at MMPY >2500 ft runway just to name a few

Sadly, there will always be inexperienced people on the expert server and there is nothing we can do. 🙃

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If this is on the Expert server, I’m disappointed.
If this is in the training server, we’ll, that’s the training server…
And if this is in casual server, well, hehehe, welcome to the casual server!

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