Seeing if a gate was recently occupied

The problem:
You probably already had a situation where you spawned into an airport after finally deciding that Gate XX would be a good point to start at, and then you check the map just in order to see what´s going on in the area and suddenly you find an aircraft that departed your airport a few minutes ago and from the flightpath it seems like they just started from the exact same parking position that you chose. Or maybe the opposite happens and you depart and suddenly you see someone starting from the same gate that you were just standing at a few minutes ago. These kinda situations are not very realistic of course, as they would heavily imply that two aircraft were sharing a parking position, which should not happen.

In order to make it easier for players to avoid these kinda situations it would be very practical to have the option to check the last time a certain parking position was occupied. This could work in a way, that when you select a gate it would not only show the gate number, but also a small text saying like “occupied 14 minutes ago” for example. This function should also be available when taxiing to parking after landing, so that a player can avoid taxiing into another aircraft that would theoretically still be there in RL.
Furthermore, this function could be expanded, as it could also show weither the other airplane spawned or despawned there (or both…), because after landing it would be totally normal to taxi to a gate where someone else got pushed back 10 minutes ago.
The function might even give information as to what kinda airplane was the last one to use a parking position, for example it could say “occupied 1.5h ago, Boeing 737-700 (United Airlines), despawned”, which would mean that this United B737 leaving again would be kinda plausible, so a player could chose that airplane and livery and basically `continue´ what another player has started.

Anyway, if you ask me this function could really add a lot of realism to the gameplay, so I really hope it will get added

This feature should not close any gate for anybody. All it should do would be providing information in order to offer a more realistic experience for those who want it. Of course these information could be ignored

This probably would mean that during an event, where airports are busy, the number of people that can take part can be limited, which really isn’t ideal. For example, on the last FNF, there was barely a single gate at KSFO available. Also, for quite a few players, plausibility isn’t something they particularly care about. They just wanna be able to roam free through the sky in their favourite aircraft. Nevertheless I like the idea however I don’t think it would work for a sim like this


Would add realism? Yes but it would also add long waits for a “open” gate once you’re on the ground which isn’t exactly something I personally want to endure in my free time lol

Maybe there could be a clock that tells you what you want but if spawn time isn’t enforced than someone is always going to unintentionally jump in line while you wait for a realistic time and if it is enforced there is now a whole new realm of delays and frustration

Just my two cents 🤷‍♂️


Yes, if it was enforced that would put a lot of players off busy airports.


Alright, I see some huge misunderstanding happening here right now. I never said that any gate should be closed at all. This entire feature should not stop anybody from doing anything, all it should do is providing information that is unavailable as of right now

Well, as I already explained nobody would need to use the function. If a player doesn´t care about it then they can ignore it, similarly to how we can use different procedures in the game but nobody is forced to do so. It would however offer something to those who do care about realism

Well it’s a good idea however I think that the developers’ time can be spend on other things that the community would prefer rather than that, however in concept it’s a simple enough idea that I guess wouldn’t take that much time making. However I’m no developer and so I don’t know about that

Indeed but it would be realistic to have to wait for your gate to become available to taxi to. I mean that’s how it happens in real.

Then other airports will have decent amount of arrivals and departure. I like the idea.

So are you suggesting it should be enforced or not?

I believe it should but it needs to be looked at carefully before being brought into existence.

It would be fine maybe in airports like KLAX, KATL… but in smaller ones like LSGG, LPMA etc it would be impossible I think… Too much realism may kill the pleasure we have flying in this game…

Hmmmm if enforced it could really kill off big airports

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No, because that would only make things complicated. It should be an offer for those who like realism, but enforcing it wouldn’t be doable

On my opinion,

1st suggestion: the Gate # or Fonts (or maybe the dots on the map) will change the color Green = Available, Red = occupied.

2nd Suggestion: once clicked the Gate # dots on the map, there is a text in the Gate Info if it’s “Available” or “Occupied” with it’s color.

This is a much simple.

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I like this feature, I just have something on my mind sort of like this.

This might be a feature request already, but wouldn’t a solution to this issue be helpful along side Gate Reservations?

For example, you could be flying into EGLL and upon your descent you could select a certain gate and reserve it as where you are going to park. This could work with your solution and show information on when it was last occupied or even when it becomes reserved.

Think about it this way, you are descending so you select T4 gate 25, this gate is now your gate upon arrival and parking.

On the homescreen, a user is thinking of selecting T4 gate 25 as theirs, but because it is already taken, it shows current information or its marked as occupied.

Maybe this could work as another possible solution?

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I like your solution. Once, someone spawned at a gate that I was simultaneously parking at and I suddenly found myself rolling inside of that airplane. Really caught me off guard.

I mean if you left from the gate a few minutes ago I don’t see how it would imply that 2 aircraft were sharing a gate, you left already the next plane can pull in… doesn’t make sense to me anyway.

Regardless of what I don’t understand, I don’t think this would be the best idea given the complexity.

Because in RL an airplane can’t just spawn out of nowhere. The most logical explaination as to why it would be there would just be that it has been standing there for a while already

That would also be an interesting idea, though I think it is a bit complex and might be abused when the airport is busy. It also wouldn’t really help with offering people to avoid spawning at the same gate