See your live operations while controlling

I think it’s a good idea to have a live operations counter at the of the screen when we are controlling so that controllers can set their goal for a session without needing to quit the session and rejoin because they didn’t get as many as they needed.

You can see your live operations if you just pause it.

Yea but they don’t update until you leave your session

There’s no benefit to it, why not just wait?

I find this idea interesting, but I feel it will also take away from the experience a little. I don’t want to have a goal set for myself besides just opening a frequency and having a fun time controlling. I feel like I would start worrying about operations more than just controlling. Operations are just a way to record your ATC efforts, but are not really used for anything else. It’s just a number.

@AviationChampion I did not know it updated live.

Edit: I also love that feeling of anticipation waiting to see how many operations I got on a session.

The focus has always been quality over quantity.

Any time you have a live number you will have people sending commands to just try to get the number up and in the process the quality of service drop. It is a slippery slope.


Exactly, and adding onto that, since it has no benefit I don’t see them adding it anytime soon. But never say never because you never know the plans for the future.

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Because as you may know. There is a minimum time of controlling. And if for example you want to get 100 operation in the session. There is no way in knowing how many you did without having to leave the session. And if say you leave the session and see that you need 2 more operations. If you begin another session you will have to wait another 30 minutes minimum.

What benefits would it have if they added it? I sure can’t think of any. In IFATC, it’s quality over quantity so this might not become a thing.

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Alright then. Was just a feature that i would like to see.

I think having operations be set as a goal is maybe not the best unit to measure your sessions! The only use I could see is maybe trying to achieve the minimum operation requirement to get into IFATC on the Training Server. I tend to have a good idea with how many operations I get in each session from experience, and given time, you will probably get a good idea of it too!