See you soon... InfiniteFlight

Hello all
It has been 7 months since I joined @infiniteflight , how happy I was to be part of team.
It was a good experience to try out the true meaning of flying, how to fly, manage the airspace, and the help that game management provides to users for a unique experience to live with virtual reality.

But today I bid you farewell, as I wouldn’t renewed my subscription anymore.
I would like to thank all the friends that I met here in the community. I also don’t forget the game management team and all the users of this game,
Especially the [IFATC] Team that I wished to be part of them.
Maybe I will return after finishing my studies at university.

Greetings to you all


Stay safe … goodbye 🌹

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Goodbye, we all hope to see you back soon :)

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How many Violations you got? Ill pay your subscription in trade for that account😂

Only joking lol, Stay Safe, hope to see you back soon!


Fair well and good luck with your studies in University 👍👍


I’ve seen you flying around a lot, sad to see you go, goodbye. :’(


Hope you come back to the wonderful land of Infinite Flight :)

Bye buddy! @Zuhair_Al-ajmi

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Thank you all but this is not that I will abandon you …
I will be back soon, but I have to take care of my studies.
Because I had many reports at my beginning to play in the Expert Server and I didn’t know the laws, and I must wait until then until those reports are removed and I will back

I wish you a good day


Well, that was a fast “abandoning”…three days only.

So…uh…errr…welcome back…?


I can’t give up on flying By @infiniteflight
but I still have a subscription until 16 August
I liked the screenshot, thanks @Thunderbolt

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Thanks for coming by! Best of luck with your university studies.