See You in Norway

I want to share an IF story with the forum. Recently, I’ve been visiting the “flyplassene” of Norway with an SAS 737-700. Since this is casual flying, I’ve been completing these flights on the casual server. Armed with a list of airports, runway charts, and airline schedules, I’ve had fun exploring this beautiful land of my forefathers. My last few times aloft, I’ve crossed paths with another aircraft, a Norwegian 737-800. Never seeming to end up at the same destination, these encounters have always been quick. During today’s flight, I once again noticed the same aircraft. A quick check of the flight plan revealed we were heading to the same airport, Ålesund (ENAL). I entered the pattern first, and turned final for Runway 25. After exiting the runway, I taxied to Gate 10 and waited for the larger Boeing to touch down. Hearing the thrust reversers behind me added another sense of realism to the flight experience. Parking at Gate 11, we shared the ramp for a few brief minutes. Before pushing back and departing, I was able to take a screenshot to commemorate the meeting. Hopefully, it won’t be the last.