See who has liked the original post & I can't unlike things

If you post something or see someone’s post, you see that there’s like 3 likes and 63 views or something.
I like knowing if someone has liked it, but I would like to know who. Just like how when you post a reply to something works.
Can you do this? Is it possible?


I didn’t want to spam the forum with random things, so I’ll just put it here:
Is there any way that I can unlike things that I’ve liked? I’ve tried pressing undo like. I’ve pressed the heart button again but it still doesn’t un like the post.

I believe where it says ‘2 people have liked this’ is a link and if you touch it, the icons of who has liked it will appear.

I think…

Not for me, unfortunately.

If you’re on a mobile device, that’s probably your issue.

I’m on a Windows 7 PC. :confused: