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Hi everyone, I’d just like to address a problem that I hope to see get fixed. When on approach to airports like Paro, and especially St Barths, the hills that are situated in front of the runway way are see through, and you can see the runway through the hill. This causes most people to miscalculate their approach, and end up smashing into the side of the mountain after it comes into sight about 50ft away. The same with St. Barths. That’s why most people come to St Barths, is to see the hill and do the drastic manoeuvre over it. I understand this was probably implemented to make it easier for some users who find it hard to navigate, although it causes a bigger problem than it was made to solve. Please fix this. Thanks



Maybe make a feature request for this to be turned into an on/off setting

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Yes, that would be an amazing solution to the problem

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Already under investigation.

No need for a feature topic.

Good to see this. Do you have a link where I can see what they plan to do?

Quoted from Nate.


I cant tell you how many flights I have lost because of this. It is a highly known problem though and the devs are working on it.

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Thank you!

This is a known issue, especially at said airport. The developers are aware of it, thanks for your report! 😊