See through planes

I did it, makes it a lot better.

Is this the type of thing your talking about?

Yes exactly like the top picture

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That’s normal


Here’s your answer :)

Woohoo! Case solved 😋😂

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Thanks everyone that is obviously normal I didn’t realise so sorry about that.

Bu thank you again for all of your support

Happy flying


doesn’t it now mean you hav to put a souloution thing down?

The same here. Mine is that all aircrafts here have the same issue. The airport and runway markers all show through the plane. What I do is to go to menu and remove the airport/runway markers. It wasn’t like before the update.

There are a number of posts on this already. This is as designed. The latest update changed how planes and terrain are rendered for performance. What you are seeing is perfectly normal.

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That’s terrible :(
I thought this was a bug, hopefully they’ll give us a choice in the next update…

It was changed in the last update so that tags are visible through the aircraft. It’s normal. As for having an option, just hide the tags in settings>live.

They should change that!Yes i do agree…this bugs me a lot!especially when they are visible through the cockpit view!it wasn’t like that before the update!

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