See through planes

Hi all,

I don’t know if this is a duplicate but I tried to search and couldn’t find what I am looking for but it might be out there.

I have recently noticed that since the new update the B787 and B777 are see through. What I mean by this is that I might be flying and when I can see that there is another plane in the distance I can see it through the fuselage of the plane.

I was wondering if anyone else had it.

This issue wont stop me playing but it just takes some of the realism away from this great game.



You can see thru it or you can’t see it

I can see through the plane and see the information of the other flights

Can you show me a screenshot

That’s not a bug, that’s meant to be like that

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I am not near my device at the moment but when i can I will add one I am sorry about this

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When you’re in the cockpit you can see thru your plane’s fuselage and see other players information, that’s normal


No when I am in the free camera mode or outside of the plane

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I am so confused…

If you can see through the fuselage, is the aircraft actually there? Are you seeing a nose and tail and nothing in between?

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Are you sure when you look at a plane it isn’t invisible and you can see the information

It is so to help you spot other people.

So when you’re in free mode you can see a box on other planes but you can’t see them am I right ?

Sorry i think this is my fault and causing confusion.

What I can see is my plane in full and perfectly normal.

Then for example there is an aircraft in the distance and with any normal infinite flight you see the little white box with information. Well I can see this through the plane.

I hope this makes more sense

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Ah. OK…that’s normal. I believe.

*if you can not see the aircraft in the distance it may be due to the graphics setting not being high enough.

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You mean you can’t see the plane but you can see the information

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Oh ok it’s just that I have never seen that before

Change your airplane count in the settings

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Yes I can see my plane then the white box and info but no plane if I am far away but I can see all of this through my plane while seeing all of my plane

Sorry for making no sense at all

You can get rid of the white box by tapping on remove dots in the live settings.

I have not tried this before