See-through Airports

I do want to know what the update is on the developers, working on the “see-through” problem.



I’m not sure what you mean by see-through airports. Could you give a little more detail or provide an example?

I’ve also moved this to #general, as it doesn’t seem like a third-party issue, and more of something within the app.

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A see-through airport would be invisible. Do you mean the airports that can be seen through terrain?


Yes. i do mean that you can see airports through terrain.

If I am not wrong, VHHH is one of them when viewed from the South

That is normal. When you approach St. Barth at runway 10,you can see the runway through the hill. And when parked at terminal 2 at EDDM you can see your plane through the ground. This is completely normal.

I wouldn’t call it normal at all…however it is how things are at present. I do hope it is fixed as it can cause issues when flying into certain airports.

Yes, its really dangerous at some airports!

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I think its every airport. If you actually spawn at a random airport and do fly.


Yes, you’re right. This problem is at every airport.

Neither do I.

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