See and Avoid: What does this mean?

IFATC Education Group blog post by Eoghan Collins

If your flying under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) you navigate visually and “see and avoid” obstacles such as terrain and other aircraft. But what does this mean?

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Once you see an aircraft in the air or a mountain/hill on your collision route while flying VFR (Visual Flight Rules) avoid crashing into them? Specifically try staying 500 feet and at least 3nm away from any other aircraft.

Yes, if you know separation will be lost you climb or descend 500’ above or below them or turn out of the way.

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Oh shoot I thought you were asking this as a question lol. Didn’t realize you wrote a post.

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I thought you were asking me a question! 😂

Here it is if you can’t find it above:

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Nope it was just a big understanding 😂 Thanks lol. Well written post.

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Thanks haha!

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If two aircraft are on a head on course then the rule is both to turn right …(if one turned right and the other turned left that might not work out!)

Yes that’s a really good point, I’ll see if I can add this in.

In my experience IRL of flying in busy areas of uncontrolled airspace (like around London), it’s as much luck as anything else, worryingly …

You can scan continously but its still way too easy to miss the tiny specs that other small aircraft look like and often its very difficult to judge their direction and speed relative to you.

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