See active ATC fields when choosing an airport

Hello! I’d like to see airports with working ATC (green) when I chose on map starting airport. And it is possible only when I am already in airport…
Can you to change it?

Is this a feature request?

I don’t know. Maybe it must to have voices…
I just asked…

There is already a list of airports with staffed ATC on the live flight launch page.

Or are you asking for somewhere else?


Sounds like a feature but all open frequencies are on the flights page before you even load the flight, use that as a guide. If you’re not sure where they are they is your friend for airport details such as location, charts and whose controlling

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I believe he is asking to add it on the map view, before spawning.

This sounds like a #features request to me.

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I am asking about map, when I look for airport to start.

It will help to see working ATC on map

Ah yes. ATC shows when you search it shows “Active ATC” but currently the map does not show green labels.

This should be moved to features if it is requesting it to be added. Not really a support topic.


It is mooved to features

I thought it was already a feature to see what airports are manned when utilizing the spawn map. 🤔

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