Sedona to the Grand Canyon

Sedona to the Grand Canyon.

When did Sedona become 3D!?

Casual. Early Afternoon. Depart Sedona roughly south toward the small town of Cottonwood in the Verde Valley, trying out a quick climb while turning back north near the mountain ghost town of Jerome. Then a quick descent from the FL’s (too quick actually) to make a low quick turnaround near the Grand Canyon North Rim. Will be landing at Grand Canyon Airport.

Climbing out of Sedona’s red down Oak Creek

The color changes immediately approaching the Verde Valley, seconds away.

Cottonwood airport right below me with the surrounding town. The tiny mining ghost town of Jerome in the hills at left.

Turning back north now with the red of Sedona, continuing to climb with Flagstaff just beyond to the north.

Continuing the climb, I’ll have to descend within minutes.

Getting up there, and the Verde Valley, now behind me, has it’s own outskirts of painted red (there’s a nice historic railway down there somewhere).

Already the Grand Canyon.

Quick descent over the south rim.

The north rim with its thicker pine forests.

This is as low as we dare go.

That’s all.


Nice shots ! :)

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Thank you!

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I think I got the “ghost town” Jerome wrong:

Left wing tip here (Cottonwood airport right wing tip). It’s west rather than east of the airport.

btw this image is with all graphics settings on high and anti-aliasing on, for comparison with the 10 above which were low to medium settings, with anti-aliasing off.


Great photos! This route looks like something I may wanna do. Used to live near Cottonwood quite a bit ago.

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Thank you! Someone else sent me a message about living near there. I know it from when I was a kid (and visiting relatives there), so it’s fun to explore it now with IF because I’m so far away. You moved away to colder country it seems.

The southwest is amazing to explore from the air.

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