Sedona Dangerous?

I saw on a certain list, Sedona Airport (KSEZ) in Arizona was claimed to be the 4th most dangerous in the world.

I don’t know if it could be true or not. But it’s often been a favorite of mine. And doesn’t seem to get mentioned here much.

Irl it’s a spectacular place: red rock country halfway between the low country desert with saguaro cactus and high-country pine forest. There are challenges due to the runway being on top of a Mesa, that have claimed aircraft over the years.

Casual server, just making a circuit of the area (Flagstaff to the north; Cottonwood and Prescott to the south). Noonish.

KSEZ, the “USS Sedona” on my tail


I love that airport! I did Sedona to Santa Monica once and the flight was amazing!:)

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Ive been there IRL, cool ga airport

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No? I’ve been there before and it’s not that dangerous except for cliffs on every side of you

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going over said cliffs on final/departure can cause massive (and very unexpected) changes in wind.


Its not dangerous, this is literally in MSFS training

please tell me you are joking.

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The lookout on the road up there is actually a great place from which to view Sedona from above. Definitely stunning scenery!

If all goes well: Quick tour of Sedona, AZ and landing on runway 21. KSEZ - YouTube

There are more than a couple accident videos at Sedona, which I’ll refrain from linking. Some non-fatal, like a plane flipping over when the wind changes.

When I was in my teens, I landed there with my flight instructor while on a cross country trip. I was at the controls the whole time, but he was on me about coming in somewhat high rather than the opposite. And being a bit dramatic about why. Years later I drove back up there with my family not long after a plane went down in the Flagstaff direction (north), where there is a hill.

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Yummy in my tummy

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