Security at airports

I have been reading dome topics recently and seen that some countries are much much stricter than others, for example from what i have seen and read is very strict, yet UK isn’t as strict and Cyprus the metal detector goes off and they don’t search you.

Posy below your best and worse experiences with security.

My worst was having to go through a full body scanner because the metal in my trouser pocket set off the scanner.

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I would say UK security is much more strict then Dubai security, they don’t seem to care they just have rude Asian people working there haven’t a chat without telling you what to do. Doha is similar but they have a security company so it’s slightly better


UK is easily the most strict I have been to (ie heathrow), and I have been to dubai, hong kong, sydney, osaka, and singapore.


In Vietnam you’re not allowed to take food or water through on domestic flights. But you can still just walk straight through with it :-P


I found that as well. Maybe I have been lucky in England with always having good security experience


My worse by far was Entebbe International Aiprot in Uganda. Literally the security staff where too busy arguing on who was going to get my Pepsi then to realise i had left some coins in my pocket and didn’t t hear the beep of the metal detector , imagine if it was a gun rather then some coins !


I have found Dubai security to be pretty tight …


I think with dubai. It is luck whether s good or bad team is on. I was connecting through there at Easter and on the way out it was so lax like I could have got a gun through in hand luggage yet in the return it was much much stricter. Worse than Gatwick.


I agree with @Joshua_Fleming the security at Dubai is very tight. I have flown via AMS and the seem to really tight security

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Sydeny is ok, they do random full body scans


Yeah I’ve found Gatwick security staff to be pretty friendly while Heathrow security staff to be down right rude. @Boeing777x I’ve also noticed they like to do additional random checks at the gate at Dubai, especially remote stands …

Im also not bothered by how long or how intense the security checks are , just as long as they done probably !


In the us I always get precheck XD


Yes. At Dubai when leaving they do drug test on what when we were there was only fat males. I saw about 10 males get tested (including my dad) but I females


What’s that? I’ve heard about it but don’t know what it is

I use this whenever I travel to the USA


Precheck rocks. But some lines may be longer than the regular lines. Precheck lets you keep your shoes and belt on and all your stuff in your bag. Some airlines will opt you in based on status but I paid for it. Totally worth it for airports like Vegas where there is only one set of security gates.

You get a special number that you can use when booking your ticket so the pre-check prints on your boarding pass. If you forget to put it on your profile you are out of luck. I believe it also applies to everyone flying with you that was booked at the same time. So it can save time for families.


In America no water have to takeoff your shoes

I think all the security I’ve been through have been pretty tight, the connection checkpoint from International to Domestic in SEA is pretty unpleasant.

When I was little, everytime my backpack went through the scanner and they saw something inside. They would rummage through the whole bag only to find out it’s my toy metal planes :/ (This was at VMMC)

Y’all should come and experience America’s finest, the TSA.