Security alert at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

A major security alert has been declared at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands and some areas have been evacuated, officials and witnesses say. Only few details are available but a large number of emergency services are at the scene.

The incident began at about 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday when emergency services were called for an incident at Schiphol Airport, one of Europe’s busiest airports. Military police said the incident involves a “suspicious situation” on board a plane.

Schiphol airport – Military police called to ‘situation’ after reports ‘three knifemen try to hijack plane’ in Amsterdam

Update 09:32PM ZULU

Air Europa has announced via Twitter that it was a false alarm, mistake made by the pilot (or cabin crew). The aircraft will soon go outbound!

(trans: Situation #Schiphol is normal again, @Marechaussee completes investigation. Impressed by sharp and alert authorities and services; nationally and locally. Compliments given to the mayor Schuurmans-Wijdeven.)
Ferdinand Grapperhaus is the current Minister for Justice and Security of the Netherlands


Uh oh. I hope everyone is okay. I really hope a Hijacking is not occuring.


Don’t understand how they expect to hijack an aircraft on the ground when they actually want to go somewhere…

Hope it’s not actually a hikack. Hope everyone is safe on the ground 👍


Wow. I hope everyone is okay. Kudos to whomever got the military police there to take care of it!

It has happened in the past. A hijacker was well talented in flying did hijack a plane once. Him and like 2 other hijackers hijacked a plane and managed to get it into the air.


In the Netherlands, things like this are considered military affairs. So it makes sense why military are there.

The same goes for most of Europe, as what happened in London Gatwick with the drones.


Correct, but as well the DSI has arrived regarding dutch news sources.

This is a special police team, they are not coming for a ‘regular’ suspicious situation tho…
As well two trauma helicopters were on the way.

Two two F16 has been departed they are saying, however NL (still) deny this.

Read something about an Air Europa aircraft being hijacked by 3 people at the gate (D3) . Only rumours tho

Whatever the situation may be, i hope everyone gets to go home and see their families.

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People are peculating that the aircraft of Air Europa has been hijacked…

People on twitter are saying as following:

  • There is a Hijacking on UX1094
  • The Hijackers demands that the plane has to take off
  • as already mentioned @ChrisToxz DSI arrived
  • 2 F16 are almost above Schiphol Int’l Airport…

I work next to RWY 24/06…

There is still inbound traffic at RWY 06, where the aircraft is standing…


There is no way people got knives past security. I guess we will have to wait, as with any incident it can be nothing like what was first reported

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They are saying the pilot squawked 7500.

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Could be something they quickly shived into a knife, or go the plastic knifes, which cannot do much. But can still scare many

Tweet from Royal Military Police that crew and all passengers are off board :)


Yah that was a real pain on my end. I attended a Gatwick careers opportunity thingy, just talking to the ground team there… The guy who ran it was the Incident Manager for Gatwick. He said no two days were the same, and that one day it was quiet, he was sitting down watching the football game, and next thing he knows he gets a phone call, and is rushing into the airport… Lol, I’d hate to be in that position.

Whoop! Good job police, any knifemen found?

No info. Probably a lot of rumours tonight. Tomorrow some facts and official statements ;)

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Everyone has been evacuated. Just heard it on TV.


CNN just jumped on.

Passengers and crew have left the plane safely. Big drama show.