Securing the secret formula

So, in the US Navy there was a submarine.
That submarine was diving near Hawaii, searching for potential enemies. But then it found a pineapple under the sea! The people also found the Krusty Krab and just because, they stole the secret formula!

The submarine quickly went to the surface, gave the formula to an admiral who then gave it to a general. The general ordered it should be given to the US President immediately as it was from now a secret of the nation. So a C-17 and a KC-10 pilot were ordered to deliver it to the president who would then keep it in a safe.
The C-17 and KC-10 pilots took off, bound for the US. But the C-17 couldn’t make it in one go, so the KC-10 would refuel the C-17 (the C-17 has the formula) and the C-17 would bring it to Washington (or somewhere in that area). While the KC-10 would divert to the sunny airport of KRIV.

This was the backstory, hope y’all enjoy the pics😄

Route information 🧭

Route📍: Honolulu (PHNL) 🇺🇸 - March Air Force Base (KRIV) 🇺🇸
Aircraft ✈️: KC-10 tanker
Flight Time ⏰: 5 hours


There it goes…, the secret formula

Nice view of Hawaii

Final turn, heading to the US mainland

Let’s just skip a couple of hours and here we are, lining up for refuel

Trying to get aligned

The formula is safe!

Knowing that the formula was safe I decided to land at KRIV for a new mission.

this was all a joke, there is no formula and stuff. Please don’t take it seriously

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed the pics😊. Big thank you to @ItsBlitz for having me on his C-17 journey.

Enjoy the rest of your day ☀️


Definitely the most creative backstory I’ve heard 😂


Thank you 😂

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Great Pictures 🙌🏼🤗

Thank you 😊

How is this info not classified? Now I’m gonna go steal the formula

Nice shots!

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definitely 👀 the formula is safely secured at the White house as we speak. thanks for the refueling service 😉

Good luck man😂

@ItsBlitz no problem🙃


Sounds like a challenge 👀😈

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Very nice shots mate!

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Plankton wants to know your location


Where is the pineapple?

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Why would the US navy steal the secret formula…


Incredible shots! Love the back story muahaha :D

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Thanks bro😊

@GhostCustoms at an undisclosed location, but I can assure you: it’s somewhere on this planet :)

@bcc.123 well, with the secret formula they basically become the most powerful chefs in the world.

Thanks @FireCracker 😂


*Top Secret Operations

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