Secure Connection Suggestion and Fixing Community Login Issue on Apple Devices

So I was trying to login on iPhone with Discorse app and it shows unknown error even my password and username is correct. Now I find out the problem is caused by HTTP and HTTPS. When I use https which is the secure connection there’s no problem login but with non-secure connection there will be serval problems. So is the website manager able to redirect http to https?


I’m sorry but I’m confused. If it helps maybe restart your phone with airplane mode on. 😁

No it’s the connection issue which not everyone understand. Some experts will understand, like website managers and server managers

So this is the non-secure HTTP connection it shows unknown error

And with the lock it means HTTPS connection which is the secure connection. And it worked

So this is probably the reason that someone can’t login

I get the exact same thing sometimes when logging in on another device!

I had the same problem on my Android device. Thank you for your help!

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This normally occurs when time of the website Doesn’t match the time on your device or vice versa. There is also a possibility that your network or IF network has been compromised but the chances of this are slim.

It should be doing this, although I had the same issue the other week. Clearing cookies/cache solved this - could you try it?

No it doesn’t. In most of the browsers that they won’t allow different protocols for form submission and content loading

I already fixed by myself by adding https

idk why but it’s not redirected by it self

Yes, but the automatic redirection should be working regardless. If it happens again let me know and I can bring it up with Discourse :)

Ok, glad to talk to u :)

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