Secrets of IF Airports: Something You Never Knew About

Hi everyone, I decided to make this thread since I wanted to show you something you might have not noticed before. Once again, this is NOT a duplicate since no one has made such a topic AND the things covered are unknown to most people. I am also NOT trying to get the IFAET to rework these airports because the purpose of this is to show EVERYONE in the community these minute yet sometimes funny details. Remark: This topic is not a Part 2 of my last one, since that was focused on planes instead of airports. For the third and final time, it is not a redundant thread. Enjoy!

  1. Bora Bora has a missing runway

    Okay. As you can see here, it has one runway (11/29.) However, in real life, it actually has a SECOND runway numbered 17/35. Actually, the 17/35 is located between the two green spaces behind the main apron.

  2. Runway Numbers where they shouldn’t be

    This is a photo of runway 17 at Resolute Bay (CYRB.) In reality, there is no ‘17’ written on the gravel runway. But here on IF, every single runway is numbered.

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Runway 17/35 at Bora Bora is closed permanently. The runway has been plowed and it’s now a strip of dirt.

All runways are marked for identification. It’s not a mistake that gravel runways still are numbered, and the example you gave is one of many airports with numbered gravel runways.


Gotta have them numbers tho. Don’t wanna have to get involved with ATC for landing on the wrong side of the runway.


The fact that it’s a secret is up for debate, as you say that it occurs on any unmarked runway. It’s just how the runways have been rendered. It’s a fairly easy observation in my eyes. I don’t want to downplay it any further so I’ll just leave it at that.


Look closely. CYRB is not numbered.

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See it now? That’s a picture of runway 35 at YRB.

They aren’t IRL but in IF they are and will be just for reference.

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Yes, I can see. I’m saying that runway numbers are on every single runway. It’s not a mistake.

No, there are no numbers. At CYRB.

It wouldn’t really make sense to get rid of the numbers on those gravel runways. If they weren’t there it would be really confusing and many people would end up landing on the wrong runway.

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Check the heading indicator.

I think he meant that every has a number. It can be shown or not.

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You won’t be heading 315 if you’re landing on 17.

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Yes. But it is shown in IF. Every single one.

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I hate to say this, but this is honestly anything but a secret. It’s just how the airport design program renders the runway.


Just because it fits more on their global system ;). I think there’s a configuration for all runways in the world and the numbers are a part of that configuration

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I don’t see a purpose for the topic.