Secret Scenery Upgrade in 19.1?

Am I going crazy, or did they significantly upgrade the satellite imagery in 19.1? I never recall being able to see individual buildings in NYC before now.

before 19.1:

after 19.1:


Ive noticed it.Like how I said its global at its best.There was a little change it seems like though

This Blog post does mention map improvements, so I say probably. 👍

I took this on the coast of Croatia a few months ago:

Here’s also Croatia, taken just now:

If this is what they meant by map improvements, they made the change seem minor in their post. Are you kidding me? This should be listed as one of the main upgrades!


Wow. A LOT more detail in the ground from above. Obviously, when you get farther down it gets more pixelated, but WOW!

Looks awesome!

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Does IF Staff have anything to say? It almost seems like they forgot to mention such a valuable change.

Are those replay screen shots or live shots?

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Map animation improvements/bug fixes- This is for the globe on the left-hand corner…

Maybe something to do with the new graphics quality settings or the scenery update.

Replay, but it looks the same in Live.
edit: also, Solo mode

Casual Server shot:

Actually, it doesn’t look quite as nice as the Replay picture, but part of that may be the low visibility.
Still, it’s a major improvement over the “before 19.1” picture.

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