Secret first class on Airbus A320 family

If you sit in the first row of the plane you get extreme legroom, a good view (Except A321), and served first. Only an economy class plane.


This is dependent on the carrier.


Not really a secret first class, it just is a bulk head seat. Airlines charge extra to use these seats or assign them only to their frequent flyers :)


That’s true.

These seats are normally taken up by larger people or people who want to pay more for extra legroom no particularly a secret most people know those seats are better than others


I pay for these seats every chance I get. If my family isn’t with me I go for the emergency row. Legroom is everything.


Well if your flying Jetblue than you get the “even more space” seats for only 50 bucks more (if ur alone)


Not even, I feel its a waste, JetBlue has the most legroom of all airlines (domestic flights) :)

yeah ik i always fly them if i can since i fly out of JFK anyways

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They fly out of everywhere in NY, god willing the runways are long enough lol

Yeah that’s exactly where I got this from lol.

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Sometimes the bulkhead seats have lots of room, sometimes not. I’ve been on 738s traveling recently and a particular US airline is redoing the configs on them so the bulkhead is right on your knees in this row.

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What US airline is this?

I’d like to fly JetBlue but they don’t fly into my local airport.

Cough, Spirit.

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The last time I checked Spirit doesn’t operate 738s with premium seating up against a business/first dividing bulkhead…

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They operate Airbus narrowbody family and have one or two rows of premium seating.

Love JetBlue EMS seats. So good compared to other airlines.

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Why have people forgot to mention one of the most important things? There is NO place to put a backpack! You are restricted to one item in the overhead!

Normally with carriers such as EasyJet and BA if you pay extra for that then you get a free hold bag son no need for extra hand luggage