SECRET A350 Game @ FL420

I know that this “mini-game” is not a secret, but I feel it should be more widely known, so that is why I brought it up. I have seen posts mentioning it but not in great detail.

First of all, this is a MINI-GAME. It can be located in the A350, and the easiest way to access it would be to go to the view labeled “jumpseat”. Then, swivel the camera to the right, to where there is a screen. If you are not at 42,000 feet, the screen will not turn on to the mini-game. At 42,000 feet, the screen should switch fairly quickly, and you will see something like this:

A350 Maintenance panel with mini-game.

2)How to Play
This game is simple, but you want to make 100% CERTAIN that you are on autopilot if you want to play it. When on autopilot, simply tilt the screen back and fourth as if banking the plane, and the paddle will move as directed. The object of the game is to hit all of the tiles with the ball, without letting the ball hit the bottom of the screen. Once again, make sure you are on autopilot, or you risk dipping below 42,000, or even banking too far and potentially causing problems for yourself.

3)When to play
Obviously, you cannot play this game in critical phases of flight (Takeoff, Lansing), and should not play it while maneuvering (turning, climbing, descending). Therefore, the best (and only) time to play would be in cruise, while in straight-and-level flight.

4)Other Info
This game is a fun challenge to help pass the time while flying. Although I wouldn’t recommend playing it for a 10 hour flight, it can certainly last you a few minutes either before you start your descent, or just after you reach your cruising altitude. It really made me happy to discover the small details that the team continues to make for the newer aircraft. I have looked, and so far, I have not been able to find any other aircraft in Infinite Flight that have this feature. If you are able to find this or any other hidden feature in Infinite Flight aircraft, please let me know! Lastly, I was able to complete a round of the mini- game, and my record was 178 seconds. I know that it is not the fastest, but that gives you a better chance at beating my record! If you manage to beat the record or even complete the game, let me know what your time was!


How did I never know about this? 😂

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Me neither! I’m glad I can let the community in on this!

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There was a huge fiasco on it. The person who did find it found it before it was even announced there was an egg. Imagine that! :joy:


wait is there seriously an interactive “game” within the cockpit? lel


Absolutely, yes ;)

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👀 I’m gonna be flying the A350 more often then!

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Isn’t that the old school game Breakout?

I love this game :)🤣

Yes it is!

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