Secondary Airports Forever! @ KONT - 152300ZSEP18

Hello there!
*With this event Tailwinds invites you to fly with us from SoCal to NorCal! This event takes place this weekend and will last only 55mins in the air. These airports are what you can call them “secondary” airports. Meaning that they are the cheaper alternatives to the bigger airports (KLAX and KSFO). So, Tailwinds invites you to join us on this flight!
Flight Details:
Departure Airport: KONT
Arrival Airport: KOAK
Time: 15th of September 2018 at 2300Z (ZULU) 4pm the 15th (Pacific Time)
Server: Expert
Aircraft: Southwest 737-700
ETA: 55mins
NOTAM: Please respectful to eachother and watch out for each other and give eachother plenty of room for Taxi when on the ground. Try to maintain a 5nm-8nm distance between the aircraft in front of you!
Flight Plan:
Coming Soon! – Flight Dispatcher working on it

4-01: @Daniel14
4-02: @Jack_Winston
4-03: @Plane-Train-TV
4-04: @KPIT
4-05: @Kevinsoto1502
4-06: @John_Ryan1
4-07: @esant_15
4-08: @Jetski
More Gates Coming Soon!
More gates will be added if needed

Interested in joining TFC? We would Love to ave you aboard! Just fill in an application and we will respond within 24 hours! Not sure? Check out our official thread for more details!


Sounds fun!! I’ll join!! Any gate works!! Thanks!!

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4-05 Please!! :) Cant wait.

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@Jack_Winston and @Kevinsoto1502 you are now both singed up!

I would love to join! I’ll be doing this for SWVA! Any gate please!


You now have a gate! Check above

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Why KOAK? Why not KSJC? They are also an alternate to KSFO. :(

I won’t be able to join as I’m in another event.

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Only 4 gates are available!

As far as I know I can come, sighn me up!

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Signed you up! Check above

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Only 3 gates left for this event!

Would love to join /support the event. Can I take a gate please

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Thank you for joining! Check above for your gate!

Many thanks. Look forward to seeing you in the skys

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Only 2 gates remain for this event!

Event is today! Sign up now!

Can I have gate 4-07? :)

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can i get the last gate?

Yes you can! Signing you up now

Attendees, Spawn in now