Second Venture Airways Event @ L35 - 301700ZSEP16

Server: Casual

Region: California

Airport: Big Bear

Time: 8:00 PM Central Time

NOTAM: In honor of Ventures new Subsidiary Great Mountain Air we will all join in a Q400 or a Cessna 208B in a generic livery at LAX, fly to Tijuana, then SAN Clemente then back to Big Bear L35 all people are welcome we are on casual do we can go fast (overspend) with out being ghosted see you all there.


You know the airport “Big bear” is big bear va’s hub right



I know we are a competing airline

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Oh you’re a competing airline so you just waltz in and steal another VA’s hub? Lol good luck but I wouldn’t get to close to their region…friendly warning @anon93676386


Sorry @SkyHighGuys

My goal is just to have friendly competition that’s all nothing serious this is just for fun sorry


A message from Big Bear VA.

We have completed more than 370 flights as an airline in total. There are so many airports in the mountains in SoCal, Denver, and Seattle. Did you really have to chose Big Bear. We are the VA that originated there and started there. Big Bear is our hub. You can’t go around stealing people’s hubs. If two VA’s have hubs at KLAX, that is different, but really, you had to chose big bear?


Oh, and a suggestion, many people have school during the time of the event, just move it to a weekend

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I’m just kidding we are actually in Seattle and we fly to big bear from LAX sorry

So big bear is not your hub

Never heard of you guys before how many pilots do you have

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Not a lot we were just founded but we are expanding if you’d like to join. @Kieran_Lockhart

No @Pilotmaster2129

It’s just a daily service destination serviced from our MMTJ Hub by a Q400

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