Second time in the same flight inbound on CYYZ.

Not sure who is doing CYYZ today. But, this is the worst I’ve EVER seen. Still, MORE planes from “regional airports” have been cleared for approaches and I’m STILL circling for the past hour. I’m in the airspace and asked to contact tower AFTER, YET AGAIN, an ATC left WITH NO WARNING. Here I am turning base meaning I’m pretty close and I’ll assume I’m going to be forced to go around here because after I’ve turned base I’m still forgotten and prioritized by other users in “regional airports.”

@Chris_S is already working on this for you in another topic. Let’s keep it to one thread and we’ll assist once you provide the replay.


@Michael_Corpus - and creating a 3rd topic for this isn’t going to improve the situation. You have one going, keep it to that.

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