Second time app crash

Even after the Hotfix update this is still happening I don’t want anybody telling me it’s a known issue. We need a solution I might as well cancel my subscription if I can’t have a single flight without issues. I just lost a 10 hour flight 2 times in a row. image|450x600

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Have you performed a soft restart on your device?

What’s a soft restart ?

Powering off the device and powering it back on

Yeah done it already and my device is brand new got it 4 days ago so…

Do you do it before every flight? I do this and I haven’t had a single issue. knock on wood

Hi there, I am experiencing the same things as you but what are your settings currently eg graphics?

I mean I don’t do it every flight I shouldn’t have to …🤔

All low setting for long hauls

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Right I am not to sure about that but speak to a staff member about this and hopefully they can sort it out : )

What device do you use.

iPad Air 2019 version

What is your airplane count set to?

It’s set on low

Sorry I can’t think of anything that would be causing this issue.

If you’d be willing to loose your replays, delete the app and reinstall it. That may clear up any bugs or glitches that are causing this :)

Hopefully this will clear things up, for everyone :)

Yes I was having issues with the map I couldn’t see any fixes and it was very glitched I think that was the reason it would suddenly freeze until it crashed

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