Second Sydney Airport construction commencement all but confirmed

Looks like construction for Sydneys secondairport will finally be getting underway in the very near future.

With the current land-locked space restrictions, curfew, and hourly movement cap on YSSY (Kingsford Smith), this should be a much needed relief for Sydney. It’s been debated and discussed for years and years.

Cant wait for the Infinite Flight airport editing team of 2026 to design this baby and put it into the app.


Great news, can’t wait to see it completed.


This’ll be awesome!!!

Finally something, but they should have done this ages ago

At least there’s no corruption in Australia. Can’t wait to see it done


I drove past the construction site a few days ago! There is a lot of digging and transporting at the moment. About 1/24 of the whole airport has been flattened so we still need to wait a while.

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So Malcolm Turnbull decides to work on something good for once. Tbh would be better to have more Runways parallel on the 34/16 angle. What I really think they need to work on the runway parallel to 19/01 at YBBN.

needed sorry to say when i visited sydney some areas of the terminal were pretty average compared to Auckland international and major airports around the world like hong kong

Glad that there’s some sign regarding the second airport’s construction. The Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport is already too packed and congested by now. So I think the Government shouldn’t delay the workings on this huge airport. As the traffic into/from Sydney is keep growing from years to years, so it should be handled as soon as possible so It won’t disadvantage the local economy

The West Sydney Airport’s construction reminds me with the construction of Kuala Namu International Airport in Medan. Similar to the West Sydney Airport, KNIA has taken around 1 and a half decades of time from Ground Breaking until Officially Opened in 2013 (On this 16 Years time, It includes Asian Financial Crisis which made the construction abandoned for a temporary time). Both Government have to make these airports from scratch as both airports (KNIA and West Sydney Airport) located really far from the city center. That’s why Indonesian Government has to build railroad from Medan, New Flyovers, Extending the existing Medan’s Expressway to Deli Serdang, Making a connection from the nearest county (Deli Serdang) to the new airport. All Insfratructures were done by 2014-2015 range. The Airport costs Rp 5,8T (5,8 Trillion Rupiah) excluding the insfratructures. I hope WSA can start the works as soon as possible so the costs won’t swell thus halting the construction progress

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I guess I will no longer live five minutes away from the “main” airport.

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