Second runway at Minsk airport

Three years ago, Belarus government announced the second runway for the National Minsk airport. At first, they planned to open it till 2018, but they had some problems, and now, after almost three years after announcement, our president Aleksander Lukashenko officially inaugurated it! Yay!

Now they plan to start a reconstruction of the first runway, because it has been in operation for already 30 years! And after the reconstruction, Minsk Airport will be operating two runways.

P.S. I’m pretty sure they translated that article using Google Translate, so if you will find any mistakes there, just ignore them :)


I love Belarus! Great Country, flew Belavia out Kaliningrad, great airline.

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The website has an error 404 code in it, which looks inaccessible.

Anyways, that is great news for Belarus. I hope the best for it’s airport expansion, and Belavia Airlines.

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When I posted it, it didn’t say 404. That’s strange :/

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Here’s another link of its runway expansion. I hope this one would work.

Yes, I was already searching for a new source to change the link in the topic :) Thanks!

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