Second Opinion

I have a question about a reporting in an expert server.

Could you please provide more information about the reporting such as the airport, estimated time of reporting, IFATC controller at the time, and reason given on why you were reported?

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If you mean a ghosting, then contact the controller who ghosted you and ask him/her for clarification.


I can’t get the controllers name but I was at 10000 near the airport and then I was told to head in the opposite direction of the airport and go to 16000, I was just wondering why this and then when I request an approach for the 2nd time I am told not to repeat messages meanwhile I’m almost farther from the airport then when I started descending.

Could you please check the logbook to see who ghosted you?

The controllers on the expert server always have a reason for their actions. This was probably because of the traffic.

If an approach controller asks you to go a different direction than the airport it is for a reason. It is likely they needed to space out you from another arrival. Always follow ATC no matter what. If possible can you tell us which airport you were arriving at so we can direct you to the controller?

The controller was Manoel G, for spamming frequency but he was burning my little bit of fuel left and I needed to land.

Then please PM him and ask him for clarification. His IFC name is @MannyG.

Make sure to add a screenshot of your logbook and to tell him your callsign at the time you got ghosted.

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You’re right it just sucks spending money and flying long flights just to get pointed in the wrong direction and told to leave the frequency.

Were you approaching the wrong runway?

He had a reason for what he was doing. Just contact him and he will give you the reason for your report.

Mods please close @Caden_Colvin - I’ll send you a DM.